Ceremony Requirements

There are many important considerations for a marriage ceremony to take place. Below are the main requirements for marriage celebrancy services to take effect.

Notice of Intended Marriage Form:  must be lodged no earlier than 18 months and no later than 1 month from the intended date of marriage.  Download form here

Birth Certificates:  Originals will need to be sighted, or, if born overseas, a passport from that country is sufficient

If Divorced: a divorce certificate will need to be sighted

If Widowed: your deceased spouse’s death certificate will need to be sighted

Witnesses:  2 witnesses over the age of 18 are required to witness the ceremony and sign all documents and the register

Client Interview:  In order to discuss your requirements in full, agree on services and fees, and to ensure all goes well on your day, I suggest at least one (1) interview to cover all aspects of your marriage ceremony

Your ceremony:  Suggested wording and ceremony formats can be provided, or you can tailor your ceremony around the legal requirements.

Jason Thomas - Hunter Valley Marriage Celebrant